Arcadia Office

It was Elias J. "Lucky" Baldwin who in 1875 bought a large area of land that included what is known as modern day Arcadia for $200,000 ($25 an acre). When Lucky Baldwin first saw the land of Arcadia with its beautiful foothill landscape, lush greenery and oak trees, fertile growing land and acres full of potential, he undoubted wished he had a reliable escrow company to handle the transaction for him. He was in need of Central Escrow, Inc.

Today Central Escrow is ready to help everyone get their real estate transactions done quickly, efficiently, and with no worries about whether the next guy to come along will make a "land grab" on their stakes.

At Central Escrow we know that buying or refinancing a home is a very big and often stressful situation for everyone. We will never lose sight of the fact that although we might do escrows every day, for your client, the buyer or seller, this is a very stressful time. We will always be sensitive to their issues and do everything in our power to minimize the stress they have to go through. As manager of Central Escrow Arcadia, you have my word on this. - Samantha Ma, Branch Manager