Monterey Park Office

Richard Garvey, a mail rider for the U.S. Army whose route took him through Monterey Pass, a trail that is now Garvey Avenue, settled down in the King's Hills. Garvey began developing the land by bringing in spring water from near the Hondo River and by constructing a 54-foot high dam to form Garvey Lake located where Garvey Ranch Park is now. To pay for his development and past debts, Garvey began selling portions of his property. Mr. Garvey certainly would have benefited from the services of a reliable escrow company like Central Escrow, Inc.

Today, Central Escrow handles many transactions involving Mr. Garvey's developed land parcels. If he were alive today, he'd be pleased to be using Central Escrow for all his real estate transactions.

We believe that history and culture make us who we are today. We know that it is our history of excelling in the escrow profession that sets us apart and makes us true professionals. We will always strive to set the bar higher for ourselves. As manager of Central Escrow Monterey Park, you have my word on this. - Beatrice Wang, Branch Manager